Tunisia - La Nomad House


La Nomad House is traveling cultural center offering a free program around migration: a theater show, an exhibition, conferences and cultural activities.

The program

21 ― 26 June 2024 in Sousse

A multidisciplinary show

Le Songe is a re-imagining of the play A Midsummer Night’s Dream by William Shakespeare. In this revisited version, a troupe of actors in the middle of rehearsing the famous play find their day taking an unexpected turn when they welcome people in distress into the theatre.

In Le Songe, the public will (re)discover extracts from Shakespeare’s play, but the interest of this quasi-adaptation lies more in the themes of the show – those of solidarity, empathy, humanity – than in a faithful rewriting of the text. Designed as a dramatic comedy, spectators will laugh as well as be moved and will emerge with a surge of hope.


With: Ben Hamidou, Sibel Dincer, Yves-Marina Gnahoua, Maya de Waele, Skander, Benjamin Poignard, Emma Cohen-Hadria, Benoit Finschi, Florencia De Simone, Amélie Denayer l Writing and direction: Jamal Youssfi l Assistant to the director: Camélia Clair l Choreography: Shaula Cambazzu l Musical composition: Bastien Charlery l Scenography: Cassandra Cristin l Lighting design: Renaud Ceulemans l Costumes: Hayat Youssfi l Stylist: Eleni Spentamidou l Writing support: Serge Kribus.

Representation dates

Friday 21 June
Saturday 22 June
Sunday 23 June
Monday 24 June
Tuesday 25 June
Wednesday 26 June

➝ 15.00
➝ 17.00
➝ 17.00
➝ 10.00
➝ 20.00
➝ 16.00

A conference

A cycle of 6 conferences coordinated by the University of Liège in Belgium was developed as part of La Nomad House. In each of the 6 partner countries where La Nomad House will be located, a conference with a specific theme will take place in the presence of a panel of experts.

More information will follow.

An associative village

With its associative village, La Nomad House opens its space for two days to various local initiatives. During this associative “souk”, many local associations linked to the socio-cultural sector are invited to present their respective projects to the public and to offer free entertainment to those present.

This will be an opportunity to discover innovative and committed organizations in Sousse and to enjoy food and drinks at low prices!

Our support

Co-financed by the European Union. In coproduction with La Coop asbl and Shelter Prod. With the support of taxshelter.be, ING and the Belgian federal government’s tax-shelter. With the participation of the Centre des Arts Scéniques.


Info & reservations

Reservations for the Le Songe show and the conference will open soon.